Waiting in line or inside a waiting room? It is the worst experience you can deliver to your customer. It is always the result of using traditional queue management systems or booking systems.

We have no doubt that you do care about your customer experience. You are doing your best to keep them happy and comfortable during their visit to your venue. Yet, customers nowadays tend to be busier than the previous generation. Every minute in your customer’s day matters, and they want to make the best out of their time.

There’s no magical recipe for making a customer happy and increasing their loyalty. The more you offer your customers a safe, pleasant, and comfortable experience, the more they feel valued. By proving to your customer that you take their journey and experience seriously, they appreciate you as a service provider.

How can you make a customer feel valued? And how can you prove that you are working on offering them the best customer experience possible?

Make your customers feel safe by adopting virtual queue management systems

Your customer is taking the risk while visiting you during the pandemic. Despite all the precautions he is taking, you should, as a service provider, do your best to reduce the risk of virus propagation. Thanks to Liberrex, you can reduce the risk of COVID-19 propagation by offering your customers the possibility of joining the queue online and waiting in line.

The Liberrex queue management system can help you reduce the number of customers waiting physically by up to 70%. It can result in reducing the risk of infection between your customers.

A healthy customer = A healthy business

Your customer should feel free and in full control of his time

If you are obliging your customer to wait inside a waiting room or standing in a waiting line just to secure his rank in the queue, you are unintentionally taking away his freedom and wasting his time. We know that what you have read sounds very disappointing and you might be thinking that you need a lot of hard work to fix it. Thankfully, Liberrex is here to help.

With the Liberrex online queue management system, your customers can join the queue online and wait remotely. They can join the queue from the comfort of their home or from any other place. The customer can secure his rank thanks to a digital ticket available all online and accessible from his smartphone. He can use the waiting time as he wishes which gives him a feeling of full control over his time. And yes! it is the small things that can make your customer happy.

Your customer should see that you are investing in his comfort

By investing in a Liberrex Account, you will demonstrate to your customers that you take their comfort and safety seriously. Comfort is not just a cozy sofa or a comfortable waiting room. Comfort is more about flexibility and allowing your customers to visit you at the time that suits them the best.

Your customer should be able to evaluate your service and share his thoughts with you

Customers always want to share their thoughts about the service they consumed. By adopting Liberrex, you will be able to send your customers notifications to ask for their feedback after every service. The customer can evaluate your service quality. They can as well evaluate the total experience by providing 1 to 5 stars and writing textual feedback.