About Us

A software company specialised in online booking and virtual queue management solutions

A bit of history about HOW and WHY we started Liberrex

It all started with our CEO's teeth. In 2017, when our CEO and Founder Achraf Ammar took his usual flight every two months from London to Tunis to visit his orthodontist in Tunisia. While working full-time at Intel UK, Achraf didn't have enough time to spend in Tunisia and every moment to spend with his family and friends was very important for him.
Achraf's always made sure to book his appointment with the orthodontist at 9:00 AM. But, unfortunately! He had to wait for hours every time, he was obliged to wait inside a waiting room to secure his rank in the queue and he was so frustrated as he wanted to spend that time wasted inside a waiting room with his friends and family.
That's when and how Liberrex started, in April 2017, Our CEO decided to do something about the unpleasant experience of queuing and waiting and started building Liberrex.

What is Liberrex?

Liberrex is a Software as a Service that offers a very simple and efficient customer flow management solution to service providers such as private doctors, barbershops, municipalities, hospitals, etc.. Basically, Liberrex is made to help all service providers who adopt the First Come First Served method or Booking to manage the flow of customers. Liberrex can help those service providers with managing queues, bookings, customer feedback and building a customer database. We provide B2Bs a platform from which they can manage queues and bookings while we provide to their end customers different channels to join queues or book with the service provider. Those channels include: Mobile App, Web platform, Chatbots and USSD. The final customer receives a digital ticket as soon as they join the waiting list/queue in the form of an SMS. The SMS includes the ticket number, estimated waiting time and a link to track the progress of their rank online. Liberrex helps the end customer to join waiting lists and wait from distance and make them invest the waiting time as they wish instead of being obliged to sit in a waiting room to secure their rank in the queue.