Our team is working hard to deliver a better customer experience, more efficient and productive customer flow management and is committed to saving trees and reducing carbon footprint.

Delivering a better customer experience

The Liberrex team is working hard to create a state of the art software solution that can deliver a very pleasant and comfortable queueing and booking experience to end customers. We know the struggles and we have been through unpleasant experiences as end customers before which makes Liberrex a solution build by consumers for consumers. Our main goal always is to give the end customer full control of over his rank in the queue and over his availability while booking an appointment.

Increasing efficiency and productivity through a professional customer flow management

Our team is also focusing on the service provider's needs to have an efficient and productive way to manage the flow of his customers hassle free. We are building Liberrex with business focused goals, our business team is always listening to our customers needs and thanks to our agile and flexible team we managed to always meet our customers needs. Either you need specific features or you need minor changes to our platform to meet your needs, Liberrex team will welcome you with open arms and listen to your needs. We can deliver your needs on time and get you ready to start serving your customer like a pro.

Saving trees and reducing carbon footprint

Traditional customer flow management systems have caused a lot of hard to the environment in the past few decades due to the excessive use of papers and thermal papers. In fact, for every 20,000 queueing ticket a tree is cut. Most of queueing tickets are thermal which are non-recyclable and very harmful to the environment. Thermal paper can contain significantly more BPA (Bisphenol A) than the trace levels found in plastic water bottles. BPA can be absorbed directly through the skin. BPA can be released during production of the paper, and recycling receipts can contaminate our waste stream, meaning BPA is also found in recycled paper products.

At Liberrex, we are committed to delivering a paper free and eco-friendly solution to save the environment. We are also looking into solution to reduce our carbon footprint to save the environment. We are also committed to planting a tree for every 20,000 digital transaction (queue ticket or booking confirmation) that goes through our system.