One major lesson the covid-19 crisis taught us these years, is that to survive, we have to trust technology more. Today the critical situation in Tunisia draws attention to one of the most important issues related to the patient journey in particular, “traditional queue management” in hospitals, clinics, etc…

Nowadays Traditional queuing methods represent an obstacle to the healthcare sector’s progress. As the flow of patients is increasing daily, clutter and virus propagation is also increasing fast. That’s why Doctors are struggling to manage the flow of their patients.

Wondering how can you as a doctor guarantee a safer patient journey and minimize the virus propagation? you better start with:

Digitizing the queuing process with Liberrex’s virtual queue management system

This simply means that your patients won’t be trapped in physical queues anymore, nor sit in waiting rooms for hours. Instead, with a simple click, they can join a virtual queue using a mobile phone or computer.

Unlike the traditional ways of queueing, the virtual waiting line allows your patients to track their turn with real-time updates. knowing exactly the estimated waiting time, the number of patients ahead of them. and Most importantly, they‘ll be notified about their turn and any changes that occur in the queue.

Now that your patients are free to go online, they have free time to do whatever they want, wherever they are. As they are no longer forced to stay in waiting rooms in order to secure their rank. Thus, such a method can reduce the virus propagation by up to 85%, save your patients 90% of their time, and increase your patients’ satisfaction. 

 Use an online booking system

An online booking system minimizes crowds and long wait times in waiting areas. With an appointment management system, your patients can choose the time and the date that is most convenient. This way they can plan their arrival just before the appointment. Which will reduce human interactions, and will boost your staff’s productivity.

 Use a self-check-in system

With a touchless check-in, you promote a healthier working space. It enables your patients to self-register, as they also have the option to scan the QR code to access the queue. Once registered, your patient receives a mobile ticket that enables them to track the progress in the queue. 

Dear doctor, your patient’s time is precious  

In Tunisia, people must wait to receive even the vaccine in a crowded waiting room, putting their lives at risk and increasing COVID-19 spread.

Also, studies showed that the more your patients wait, the more they become stressed, which has a bad impact on their well-being. by affecting their immune system the organism becomes more vulnerable to infections.

As a doctor, your patients’ well-being is your top priority, and it’s your responsibility to keep them safe both mentally, and physically. So by saving your patients ‘ time you save their lives.  

Covid19 queue management solutions for a better social distancing practice

Virtual queue management solutions are proved to be very efficient in social distancing. And that’s by minimizing interactions in the workspace. So it’s crucial for your business to start working on digitizing the queueing process.

Thus, the virus does not exist without humans. So allowing your patients to join the queue from home contributes to putting an end to the covid-19 crisis.