Do not waste time queuing!

This app aims to eliminate the pain of waiting and easily allows to enter a virtual queue via your smartphone.

Advanced features

Change the way you expect and take control of your time.

Virtuel rank

Join a virtual queue by booking a ride via the mobile app.


Receive a notification as soon as your turn has arrived

Express your opinion

Allow your service provider to know your opinion and your expectations

Tools options

The Liberrex mobile app allows you to wait remotely with your smart phones


You can use Liberrex Mobile to locate an establishment according to your location

Control your ride

At any time, it is possible to shift the time of his arrival, postpone or simply cancel.

Virtual queue

You can join the queue via Liberrex application without physically arriving to stand in line

Instant Notification

You receive immediate notification about your turn and for any change

Leave your opinion

Once served, describe your experience, this allows your provider to know your opinions.

Flexibility of choices

Liberrex Mobile displays a list of service providers who are in your vicinity to join the most suitable queue for you.

About our Mobile App

With the queuing application of Liberrex, you can enter a queue via a smartphone, you are also able to view the information in queue in real time and keep track of your turn.

The Liberrex application allows you to save time by welcoming you whenever you want,       This allows you to manage your time as you wish outside the waiting rooms.




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