Mobile Application

Bring your booking system to your customers pocket

Have a mobile-integrated queue management system to minimise waiting times, and streamline your customer flow, while presenting your customers the option to join a queue before physically arriving at a branch.
The Liberrex Mobile Application is the future of queuing, a touchless experience that aims to eliminate the pain of waiting and allows the ease of entering a virtual queue via a mobile app. You can also enable your customers to choose their desired service branch, get directions, receive SMS / Text message notifications and take a ticket before they arrive.

Never make your customers wait in a queue again!

Our Mobile Application lets customers with a smartphone get a queuing ticket for the nearest branch and remotely queue for their turn while continuing their activities. Customers are also able to view real-time queuing information to keep track of their turn.

No more time consuming booking calls

Thanks to our Mobile Application, you can replace phone calls booking with a digital solution that gives 24/7 access to your customers to book you whenever they want and whenever they are.