Self check-in

A frictionless check-in experience means more convinience

The ease of use of liberrex ‘s self check in solution and its flexibility allows customers to quickly check themselves in and update or register their details via the system without worrying about getting caught up in a long queue , not to mention that The automated process enables individuals to bypass the line at the front desk, so they can go directly and get the service .we believe in enhancing the customer experience in numerous ways. As a frictionless check-in experience means more convinience, more control and the elimination of frustrating queues.

Reduce the time invested in managing walk-ins

With the help of our self-check-in terminals, you can reduce significantly the time and effort spent on managing customers who walk-in without bookings. Let them get a spot in the queue through the terminal without the need to interacting with your staff.

Different options that can match your budget

Whether you are planning on investing in a professional ticketing terminal with ticket printer and customised design or you have a limited budget and you would like to just use a tablet, Liberrex gives you the option to customise your self-check-in solution to match your budget and get you up and running in no time.