Queue Management

Switch to digital world and revolutionize the way of providing a service

It’s all about regulation and clarity, by allowing your customers to join queues remotely and get in line online, it reduces customer overload up to 70% . As it gives them the visibility of the remaining waiting time through liberrex ‘s electronic ticket simple and detailled , add to that notifying each customer in order to get the service right away is a tool that helps businesses build momentum and enhance your customer 's waiting experience.

Set your customers free

Liberrex enables customers to track their turn through an electronic ticket wherever they feel comfortable, wich allows them to enjoy the freedom offered by our Platform and spend their precious time in the desired way instead of wasting it while being trapped in a queue or a waiting room for hours .

No more overloaded waiting rooms

It's not only about your customers, but your staff can also get frustrated while trying to manage the queue. Liberrex facilate the whole process to your staff and brings the chaotic waiting situations to an end with a simple button press, wich makes your customers arrive and get the service right away in a way that helps avoiding the overload completly.