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Customers find the waitings unpleasant, they feel like wasting their time, which can prevent them from coming back.
It is a cloud-based queue management service that provides an estimate of the wait time by service.
Any organism requiring the queue management service such as doctors, banks, hairdressing salons, clinics, hospitals, medical imaging and radiology centers ...
It is a queue management service with data centralized on the cloud, accessible from any terminal (fixed computer, tablet or smartphone) to provide an estimate of the waiting time calculated by our intelligent algorithm based on the service chosen by the users in the queue.
By clicking on the button «START NOW» you are forwarded to the registration page where you have to fill out the registration form carefully, indicating your contact details.
On the interface of the cloud solution, the waiting list is displayed. You have the option of adding a customer to join the queue either on the spot or from the reservations sent via the Liberrex mobile application, change the rank of a customer or remove it from the list according to his desire.
The queuing management system of Liberrex is accessible by the users via their mobiles presenting them the option of joining a virtual queue, the waiting time will be calculated immediately according to the chosen service,   they are able to follow the waiting informations and their ranking in real time at home or anywhere, and receive notification as soon as their turn is arrived.
The mini computer connected to the Liberrex database via internet to display the progress of the queue.
An intelligent terminal connected to a touch screen connected via internet with a personalized interface for each professional client allowing users to join a queue either with the conventional way by taking a ticket or with the innovative way of liberrex by scanning the QR code.