In January 2020, we onboarded our first client called the Privilege Salon. A busy barbershop based in Edgware Road, London. Our client had a very chaotic waiting room and very frustrated customers. We approached him and introduced Liberrex as a the best option for their business to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

The onboarding process of our client was very smooth and effortless, we only needed some information about his business to create a business account. We added the list of services that they provide (haircuts, shaving, hair wash, etc..) with a service time estimation per service. Once the account is ready (only took 15 minutes), we started with setting up the self-check-in terminal. A self-check-in terminal is a tablette (The iPad in the video) that allows customers who do not use remote check-in or queueing (usually called walk-ins) to get a ticket and join the queue without being obliged to speak to someone or an agent.

Customers were very happy and pleased as the first time they managed to leave the waiting room without loosing their rank. They felt more free and more appreciated by the business owner who thought about their convenience and about their comfort.